About Chorley Radio Club

The radio club started in 2002 there were three founder members Ian Sean and Ness, we were members of other clubs and didn’t like what we saw so we decided to start our own club, so Ian went around to meet new people around Chorley area to find a few full licenced people so we could apply for a full callsign which is known as the advance now so the club call is MX0ISN. We started with a hand full of members and built up from there.

We only have two of the founder members left which is Ian and Ness. we are also a satalite center for people to do exams at all levels everything is done infront of the members not behind close doors and we try to keep the club friendly.

The club is running with about 50 ore more members now and active doing events every year and also active from the center were we are at.

Meet the Team